One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Get A Wardrobe That’s Right For You

Leaving aside the aesthetics of bedroom wardrobes you need to think about how much storage you want, how much room you have, & what you want to keep in it. It is also worth considering whether you want to use it for other things, some people like to hide the TV in their bedroom away & a fitted wardrobe can be great for this. They can also be used for home offices or even crafts/sewing. There are several different types of bedroom wardrobes, let’s look at them one by one.


These are decorative, old-style or antique freestanding wardrobes, usually wooden ones, that can’t be altered to suit you, they have hanging rails & sometimes drawers at the bottom, but not shelves & certainly nothing fancy like pull out shoe racks Usually no more than 2.2 metres high they can look fantastic in a guest room, living room or hallway of an older style or traditionally decorated home. They usually only have 2 doors.

Ready-Made & Self Assembly Bedroom Wardrobes

These are at the mass market, inexpensive end of the market, & like Armoires are fixed in height, width & internal fittings. They will have hanging rails, maybe drawers in the bottom, & possibly some shelves, but other storage options are not available & can’t be fitted in them.  Good for kids rooms, guest bedrooms & if you need a temporary solution.

Kit Set Wardrobe

Available from places like Ikea they can be a useful middle ground. Not considered fabulous quality (the finishes can be poor & the build quality isn’t great) never the less they do have a decent range of options for storage available & you can combine the (fixed-size) cabinets. So if the sizes fit your space & your budget is a bit tight they are a good option, especially as they have a variety of door finishes & types, including sliding doors, available. 

Made to Order Fitted Wardrobes

The next step up these are made in Italy or Germany & need to be bought from (& installed by) a specialist retailer who will design the layout especially for you. These have a good choice of different size cabinets, & different brands are different sizes so it can be possible to get one to fit almost exactly. They can go up to 2.9 metres, so if you have high ceilings & want maximum storage they are useful. Internally they have a fantastic range of different storage options which can be positioned anywhere in the cabinets. Doors can be hinged or sliding & there are some amazing colours & finishes if you want something different. They do vary in quality but range from pretty good to superb quality depending on where you buy it.

Walk-In Wardrobes

Arguably the gold standard of bedroom wardrobes if you have the luxury of a whole room to use these are fabulous. Using similar fittings & storage options to make to order freestanding wardrobes panels are fixed to your walls & then various shelves, drawers etc are added. Because everything is open it is much easier to see your clothing & shoes, but the disadvantage is that you can’t just throw everything in or use these to hide your junk away, as everything is on the show!

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