Increase Your Online Sales with 3 Simple Changes

Most people involved in marketing on the internet are always for ways to increase their online sales. Traffic generation is one key area many commonly focus upon to boost their website sales with Ultimately however it does not matter how much traffic you are receiving if your sales conversions are weak. Along these lines, if an increase in sales can be accomplished by improving your sales conversions it makes sense to put more focus in this area.

Here are 3 areas, common to many marketing strategies, that in my opinion need to be adjusted which should result in an increase in sales online.

Long Sales Letters

I think everybody would agree that the average online surfer is much like a hummingbird. They only visit for a very short period of time before they dart away! With so many options available to them it is very difficult to ‘maintain’ the attention of people who land on your page. With that said…what is with the overly long sales letters you see online? Some of them are so long you need two days to read them! Personally I like to shop online however when I see one of these long sales letters I immediately leave the page.

By shortening the message on these sales pages (come on you know it can be done) more people will view the entire page resulting in higher sales conversions.

Black Backgrounds

Ever been to a website or blog with a dark background and light-coloured text on it? Boy, I will tell you these pages are neat looking … for only the seconds I am willing to spend there! Almost as soon as I land on the page my eyes begin to tear up and I can already feel the strain. What are people thinking subjecting reading to such eye strain as that?

One sure way to DECREASE your website sales is to use this combination of colours when building your site.

Lengthy Videos

No doubt the use of video has grown in popularity over the internet but many producing videos need to realize most come with time stamps on them. When I open up a site or email with a video that indicates it is 30 minutes in length the first thing I do is a laugh. Of course, this laughter is quickly followed by me leaving the page or deleting the video. This, of course, would not do much it would seem for the sales conversions of this person or business. My impression is that the ‘producer’ feels you have got nothing else to do with your time but to watch their mini-movie.

I think we would all agree that if we have that much time on our hands we would probably use it to catch up on our sleep!

If you are involved in marketing on the internet and want an increase in your online sales a good start could be right under your nose. Bypassing new traffic generation techniques for now and looking at increasing your sales conversions could be your answer. Ultimately your website sales will be what makes or breaks you online and if people who visit there do NOT buy than there must be a good reason. If you claim ‘guilty’ to any of the 3 ‘infractions’ mentioned here today you may want to rethink your approach. By making any of these ‘suggested’ adjustments it seems that website visitors may stick around long enough to get your ‘full’ message. With that being the case it only stands to reason you would likely experience an increase in sales. Just a thought and thank you for letting me vent!

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