Clip Human Hair Extensions

Clip human hair extensions are the safest way to add length, volume, or colour without causing damage to your own hair which is a great alternative to permanent extensions.

They are quick and easy to attach as they use pressure sensitive clips and don’t cause damage to your own hair. More permanent methods of applying hair extensions can be very damaging since the glue and application methods used can cause breakage and even hair loss. That is why clip on hair extensions are the most preferred method by stylists and home users.

A quality set of clip hair extensions can last substantially longer and require less maintenance than permanent methods. But if you really want those natural looking luscious locks then you’ll want to invest in hair extensions that are made with 100% human hair. This type of hair extension comes in grades of A, B and C, out of which grade A is the highest quality you can get.

Grade A hair extensions are made completely with human hair aligned at the cuticles, which means your hair will last for years rather than months and will not become matted and tangled neither dull or lifeless after just a few washes. This quality hair is the softest, silkiest and will provide a much more natural look than the grade C synthetic hair that is substantially lower quality.

If you’re going to use real human clip in hair extensions, make sure that the clips are small and the same colour as the extensions so it will be completely concealed and undetectable even by your closest friends. With the clips hidden from view the human hair will create an absolutely natural look that blends in with the tones and texture of your own locks, plus as they’re so secure you’ll be able to straighten and style them as if they were your own. Furthermore, they won’t slip or fall out even in the harshest wind and rain or while you dance and exercise (now that would be embarrassing). They’re incredibly easy to apply and just as easy to take out so you can get that “celebrity look” whenever you want it!

So forget about sewn in extensions and pricey bonding, get yourself some clip in human hair extensions to add length, volume, texture, and colour in minutes!

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